Bio-Molecule Discovery

New Bio-Molecule Discovery

Status Quo

The vast majority of crop protection products contain petrochemical based synthetic molecules. Every year because of risks and danger, some synthetic molecules are banned by authorities.
In Addition,
Largest Crop Protection companies have extreme investments on the discovery of new molecules.
There is a huge need to replace the discovery process and output.

Bio-Molecule discovery. R&D process in Nanomik

1) Discovery & development of Killer Yeast: Nanomik isolates yeasts from different crops and test their efficacy on different pathogens and pests. So far now we have discovered 6 new bio-molecules which have the great potential to be used as bio-engineered crop protection solution.

2) Peptide Discovery: Peptides are one of the most promising defense elements of the organism. Their physical & chemical stability enables them to be used as a biological crop protection solution. Nanomik discovers fungi sourced antimicrobial or insecticidal peptides and develops pilot scale bio-production strategy. Up to now we discovered around 50 different peptides. We have started the -proof of concept- bio-efficiency studies in the field. Nanomik runs a green bio-chemistry modification process, to reach final formulations.

3) Plant Secondary Metabolite Discovery: We are investigating the use of molecules produced by plants to defend themselves for years. We test the fungicidal, insecticidal and nematocidal efficacy of different precursors in the metabolic pathways of plants and make their formulations with Microsome.

Planned workload of our Active Molecule&Microbe Discovery Process