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Our team all have high expertise in garden construction and care, we love
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He is working on the discovery of fungicidal and insecticidal active substances of biological origin (microorganisms and protein origin) and production methods using synthetic biology methods. He is still pursuing his doctorate in biotechnology. He is one of the originators of Microsome technology. He has 2 different start-up experiences before
She completed her master's degree in microbiology on the use and microencapsulation of active substances of botanical origin on the control of bacteria and fungi, which are important disease agents in the field of Food and Agriculture. She still continues to do her doctorate on microencapsulation of biological actives in the department of bioengineering. She is one of the originator of Microsome technology.

Üner Ulupınar

Country Sales Manager
He works on the management of customer channels in the agricultural field, the development of technical protocols in product field trials, and the formulation development of agricultural products. He has knowledge in plant protection, plant nutrition and fertilizer products along with management experience. As country manager, he develops marketing strategies for Nanomik’s products. He has an associate degree in food technician and a master’s degree in plant nutrition. He is also a graduate agricultural engineer.

Aslı Erdoğ

R&D Manager
She works in leading and overseeing the activities related to research and development at Nanomik. She manages national and international R&D&I grant applications, cultivates partnerships with universities, research institutes, and business partners, and strives to identify and safeguard intellectual property rights produced by R&D operations. Her professional background includes working in Life Sciences companies, university research laboratories, and technology transfer offices. She holds a doctorate in Biotechnology and a bachelor’s degree in Food Engineering.

Anıl Aksoy

Field Test Engineer
He works in the field of field trials of agricultural products, transferring data from field trials for product development, establishing new trial fields for products and developing field customer relations. He is experienced in plant protection diseases and integrated pest management and has a master's degree in entomology.

Muhammet Gürdal Dursun

Production Responsible
He works in the field of managing the production line of Nanomik products, tracking stocks and materials, and developing products. Responsible for setting up production facilities and monitoring the quality control processes of the products. He is experienced in nanotechnology and molecular biology and has a biotechnology bachelor's degree.

Nursena Aksoy

Research and Development Engineer
She works in the field of product formulation development, discovery of new active ingredients and formulation optimizations. She is experienced in the field of nanotechnology and has a master's degree in bioengineering and nanoengineering.

Büşranur Çetin

Biomolecule Development Specialist
She works in new molecule discoveries and project management in the development of new antifungal protein identification and development of biosuperior antifungal enzyme by Nanomik. She has many years of experience in biochemistry, molecular biology, cell culture, plant based extract trials and genetics research. She has a master's degree in molecular biology and genetics and is pursuing a doctoral degree in genetics and biotechnology.

Amjad Tulimat

He works in the microbiology department. He carries out the microbiological R&D analysis and the discoveries of target microorganisms. He also tests the potentials of new active substances and monitors the quality of the products. He has a bachelor's degree in molecular biology and genetics and is pursuing a master's degree in histology.

Özge Yılmaz

Business and product development responsible
She works in the fields of ensuring the integration of Nanomik products into different sectors, carrying out the development of products in new sector areas, sectoral market research, and developing the Nanomik Biotechnology brand. She is experienced in production engineering and has a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and a master's degree in bioengineering.She continues her doctoral deegres on bioengineering.

Sevilay Arslan

She works in the fields of managing customer accounts, managing tax and financial declarations, and carrying out cost and stock accounting. She is experienced in financial matters of different sectors and administrative relations. She has a bachelor's degree in administration and economics.


Formulation Responsible
She works in the field of optimizing existing formulations and examining the impact of different formulation components on product performance. She is experienced in encapsulation of bioactive compounds, nanobiotechnology, food-metabolism interaction, food preservatives, research, and development. She possesses a robust academic background, holding a master's degree in Bioengineering and a doctorate in Food Engineering.


Purchasing Responsible
He manages operational processes regarding administrative affairs, stock management, execution of import-export operations, identification and purchasing of potential raw materials, laboratory equipment, and other goods or service suppliers. He experienced in ISO 17025 quality management system and methods (food, biocidal, cosmetics, environment). He has a bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics.