"Post-Harvest Disease Protection for washable crops"
BioExtend is a unique formulation to eliminate post-harvest diseases. In addtion to disease control BioExtend forms an edible layer on the crop to stop, the contamination of new pathogens. The layer allows to crop breathing. The IP protected -Microsome- Technology, helps BioExtend to have micro emulsion form in the dipping water.

%100 Biological
MRL Exempt
0 Day PHI
4 Hour REI
Wide Spectrum
Post-harvest protection was tested in peaches that were freshly plucked from the branch and did not apply any pre-harvest treatment. Post-harvest synthetic preservative was applied to the peaches on the left.BioExtend, which provides post-harvest biological protection, was applied to the peaches on the right.
At room temperature, mildew started to spread in the peaches with accelerated study. On the 5th day, mildew started in peaches on which synthetic preservatives were applied. No mildew spread was observed in peaches treated with BioExtend.
It was observed that the mildew spread and resulted in loss of harvest in peaches on the 10th day of synthetic preservative application. As a result of the study, BioExtend application protects post-harvest shelf life and fruit quality by providing an anti-sporilization effect.