AzaBer ME

"The Most Developed and Cost Effective Azadirachtin Formulation"
AzaBer ME is multi-efffective, bio-insecticide, Azaber ME contains botanical molecule azadirachtin and cold pressed neem oil. Azaber ME can control wide-specturum pests, such as most lepidoterians, piercing and sucking insects and many others. The unique ME formulation allows us to offer a multi-functional solution for the farmers. Besides strong insecticidal efficacy Azaber ME delivers strong support for suppresing of many fungal diseases, thanks to its cold pressed neem oil. In addition to fungal diseases, plant extracts used as formulants in ME structure, delivers plant health stimulation efficacy.
%100 Biological
Wide Spectrum

Product Characteristics & Features

Mode of Action

Local Translaminar Systemic, Limited Contact, IGR and Ovicidal